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First foot forward into Spring..

Well it's February.. It's Monday morning. It's cold. It’s chilly, you know those mornings, drinking your coffee whilst dreading that bitter tackle with the de – icer on your windscreen. Envisage the Monday sluggish feeling of ‘URGH’. To top it off you have work, all 9 hours of it to look toward to.

Well, that's not my Monday, not any more. Since, joining BCL Legal, I now look forward to Mondays.

I hear you thinking to yourself, hang on it is February what with Valentine's Day and all, you just feel all chipper – dare I say ‘love’ is in the air? But no! This is how it works at BCL Legal.

In fact everyone at BCL appears to have a cheery smile as you walk into the office, someone will offer you a coffee, ask you how you are, and have a genuine interest in your weekend. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

No, I’m not daydreaming, this is the environment, because at BCL a positive attitude Is mandatory. It's at the core of their behaviours and everyone is accountable to each other.

Having given my months notice at my previous role, it was a bittersweet experience. I was sad to be leaving very good people and familiarity behind, yet excited for the future and the new adventure I was about to embark on, beginning my journey in becoming a specialist recruiter in the residential conveyancing property market across Birmingham and the West Midlands. The market is very buoyant and filled with an array of opportunities for residential property lawyers, of all levels of experience, looking to enhance their skillset, broaden their experience and progress their career.

So, if you are a residential property lawyer and feel like that spark has gone and you no longer look forward to getting stuck in to the challenges of a fresh week every Monday morning, then maybe it’s time you thought about moving on to where the grass is greener? Put that spring back into your step and call BCL Legal. You won't regret it!

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