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First Impressions Count… Even with your recruiter!

In recruitment, you definitely become thick skinned! When people don’t return your calls, hang up on you or just blatantly ignore you, you become unfazed, it’s like water off a duck’s back.

However recently, I was faced with a candidate that wouldn’t return my calls; despite being invited to interview and despite (many) calls, emails and texts from me. This situation always throws me as by this point, we have discussed the role in great depth and you’ve been so excited about applying!

After 10 days, I was forced to explain to the client that the individual was not responding to me. I know a lot of people think that as a recruiter we are “out for ourselves” however this is not true. In fact, I would rather a take the blame than let a firm believe a candidate (or potential future colleague) has acted unprofessionally.

Ultimately, people move jobs. Whilst this particular role may not be your front runner or you may have had second thoughts about the move; the person reviewing your CV within the business may move to a firm that is offering your ideal role in 2, 3, 5, 10 or even 15 years!

We are all human and as much as we try to be impartial, we do get frustrated when we are misled. It’s human nature to remember the worst rather than the best, particularly in small markets. It really does remind me that your reputation and representation starts with your recruiter. We are representing you in the market, we liaise with your potential employers and we are the ones who will (honestly) feedback to firms.

It is so important to make a good impression with us – we are only calling you to help and our insight can be what sets you apart at interview and means you get the job! We are all busy and we understand that, but dropping us a quick text to let us know you are tied up but you are still keen is completely acceptable. If your situation has changed, we won’t be upset. By letting us know, we can correctly manage the relationship with the firm in order to ensure any future applications made by you to them, is well received….. Ultimately, there is no point burning your bridges or jeopardising future jobs.

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