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My First Year at BCL!

Twelve months ago I walked into the swish BCL offices on the middle of Deansgate not knowing what to expect and whether my first move in recruitment was going to be the right one. Today, I can happily say it was 100% the right decision. The past year has been incredible and I now know that taking the plunge out of my comfort zone was one of the best decisions I have ever made and here are some reasons why.

Your work life forms a huge majority of your week and personally I think firm culture and team culture is one of the most important factors of any job. I couldn’t imagine waking up everyday and not wanting to go into work because I wouldn’t enjoy it. Luckily, I can happily say that I enjoy coming to work everyday. I enjoy working with my team where each individual is their own character and are incredibly supportive to each other when needed but can also have a laugh on a daily basis. The team are incredibly close and that is extremely important to our success. As a team, we go out for drink and celebrate the small successes whether it’s on a Friday after a good week or an impromptu game of beer pong on a Thursday in a bar nearby. Of course, it’s not all play and no work, we work hard which allows us to have the time to relax and de-stress. After all recruitment isn’t the most stress free job. The team on a daily basis make the job so much more enjoyable and I couldn’t have had a great first year without them.

It doesn’t just stop at the team. On a daily basis I have catch ups with anyone in the Manchester office, from the conveyancing team, to the in-house team, to central support and even the directors. BCL place a lot of time hiring the right people and that is reflected by how friendly everyone is across the business. Including the Birmingham & London offices whom we see as much as we can. We get to meet up every quarter to catch up and have a few drinks. Every 6 months some of us get the chance to go on a luxury trip across the country to participate in fantastic events. Recently I was lucky enough to go on an all expenses paid trip to London to travel on a speedboat down the Thames and have a 3 course meal in a private suite at The Ivy in London.

Personally, support from the team, manager and directors has also allowed me to do fantastic things outside of work due to an industry leading bonus structure. In the past 12 months, I’ve been able to travel to the Dominican Republic, Dublin, Puerto Banus, Munich and Tenerife in a couple months time as well as down to London as much as I can as well as moving into a great flat just outside of the city. The team help when you’re away and cover your desk which just shows how everyone is in this together. If you’re looking for a move into recruitment, I couldn’t recommend BCL more!!

Twelve months on and I cannot wait for the next twelve.

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