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Nicola O'Hanlon
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Fit not fat at 40

I’ve never been a ‘gym bunny’…

As I’ve travelled through my 30’s I’ve become more honest with myself and admitted I’m never going to be Paula Radcliffe. Having said that, earlier this year in an attempt to make it as easy as possible to get fit I joined a gym at the end of my street. For a month I was THE model gym goer but then came back from my holiday to Thailand and never returned to the gym. My determination to not go back to that gym was so strong, I moved house to an area far enough away to justify not being able to get there. So I’m now paying for a membership until December this year for a gym I can no longer get to.

It gets better…I then joined a gym, which was exactly 2 minutes walk from my office – no excuses. I then managed to ensure I always had to call someone back to justify my non attendance at the lunch time classes I’d promised myself I’d do. The excuses are endless. At this point, I’ve signed myself up for and am paying for TWO gym memberships each month!! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of proudly telling everyone in my team about my fitness mission and one of them was actually listening to me and has joined the same gym. And they really like going to the gym. Great.

I’m sitting here writing this after attending my FOURTH lunch time class this week. And this isn’t the first week this has happened! This has been going on for a while now. Whilst I hate to admit it, I really do feel a hell of a lot better for it. I wake up (most days) before my alarm goes off and anyone who knows me will know this is unheard of. Apparently, despite my desperate attempts to avoid it, I do have time to get to the gym every week. FOUR times in case I hadn’t mentioned.

I’ve read lots of articles on how exercise increases concentration, boosts productivity at work and improves brain function and I’ve finally – yes, it’s taken me 39 years to realise it’s about finding a routine, which works best for you. I don’t promise myself I’m going to run the London marathon or become the next world crossfit champion. I’m manging 30 / 45 minute classes four times each week and *looks around and whispers* I’m actually enjoying it! And now I’m off to the pub because after’s all about finding the right balance.

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