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Fitting in fitness

Like many people I’m sure, I’ve really struggled to fit regular exercise into my busy life, until recently that is.

So what’s changed?

For me the change is two fold, firstly I have a got a goal to get into shape this year and secondly I’ve been told by my physiotherapist that sitting at my desk for 8- 10 hours a day, 5 days a week is doing my back no favours!

I’m currently a few months into my new regime of finding time to fit exercise into my busy schedule and I’m surprised at how easy it really is. Even with long days in the office and a long commute to and from work, I am finding the time to move more than I ever have before.

You see, in the past when I still had the same busy working day and commute I would always find an excuse, usually that I had no time. I would spend hundreds of pounds every year signing up to the best gyms and buying personal training sessions and then never going for longer than a few weeks. I have now come to realise that the reason was more likely that gyms just aren’t for me and I much prefer finding other little ways that I can be more active everyday without being a slave to the gym.

For me it’s quite simple, I’ve traded the lift at work for the stairs and instead of getting a very busy tube from the City to Waterloo station, I choose to walk most evenings and it only adds 30 minutes to my commute! I also try and ensure that I get away from my desk for at least 30 minutes at lunch time and get some fresh air, even if it’s just a stroll to the shops nearby to pick up some lunch. The important thing for me is that by doing this I have come to realise how much better I feel in myself.

It is commonly known that exercise promotes health and this impacts on productivity at work and here at BCL Legal we are fortunate enough to be encouraged to take our lunch breaks and get away from our desks and get some fresh air. In fact some of my colleagues will go for a run on their break.

I work with some of the biggest Law firms in the world and I am always amazed with the quality of their fitness facilities on site for their staff (locums included). Lawyers can be known to work very long hours and so it makes sense for the firms to invest in excellent gym facilities to ensure their lawyers are fit, healthy and productive.

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