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Follow the Recipe!

Having just started out with BCL and recruitment, I have been involved in a lot of training. An external recruitment trainer told me that generally, recruiters are bad at gardening and baking because we don’t get instant results! We live in a very impatient era – so I didn’t find this surprising!

As the last time that I baked a cake was probably in food tech class circa 2005, I wanted to give this a go! Was I able to follow a recipe to the word? I don’t really like the broad brush approach to people and I like to challenge and push boundaries, I wanted to see whether this assumption was true. Based on this assumption and my ability to bake a cake, had I made the right choice to join the world of recruitment?

So I pulled out the cook book, put on an apron and found the page for a simple Victoria Sponge. I laid out my ingredients and followed the recipe. I put it in the oven and then 25 minutes later, I proudly retrieved my cake! It was no Mary Berry special, but to my surprise, it had worked!

Does this mean that I shouldn’t be a recruitment consultant?! Absolutely not! It makes me better! The consultants at BCL are able to follow a recipe and understand you and your situation perfectly in order to match you to the right role. We understand that finding the right role for you takes time; the next step should be the right step, so we work closely with you so that you are happy with your next move! We pay attention to all of the detail and genuinely listen to what you would like out of your next role so that we are able to create our own recipe together to achieve this!

Call me if you are looking for your next role! I will sit down with you and we will be able to talk about what has gone wrong in the past, what you would like in the future and step by step, I can help you piece together the future!

My contact number is 0121 237 5618 and I would be happy to discuss the next steps in your career.

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