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Following up after a job offer

The job of a good recruiter doesn’t stop when you have the job! You speak to us because you want a new job; we get you a new job, why do you need to speak to us again?! As whacky as this sounds, I think the relationship you have with your recruitment consultant is much like the relationship you have with your hairdresser, it’s a relationship built on trust and once you have that, its hard to replicate which is why a lot of people end up following their trusted hairdresser all over the country! Here at BCL, we work in vertical markets which enable us to advise confidently on the area of law you specialise in, in the context of the region in which you live and work. Some would say that we become masters of our own universe (or perhaps Salon). We gain that respect and trust by giving you our honest advice.

So through the process, we’ll talk a lot. We get a CV together, we make a plan of action and we secure an interview! We have lengthy conversations about preparation and also talk about what you need to find out from that firm to enable you to make a choice at offer stage. When that all important offer comes in, at this stage, one would hope that the consultant knows you well enough to understand what an acceptable offer looks like for you. There is no point in this becoming a Dutch auction, so we do all the hard work here. In any case a lot of the time it is not about salary and more about the opportunity; the quality of work, the supervision and development, flexibility. By now, we know how this job will tick your boxes. Please be assured that we are working tirelessly, trying to achieve the win/win for you and our client law firm.

You’ve taken the job! It’s time to hand in your notice. We talk about this and prepare you for any counter offers that you may have thrown at you. Is it an emotional pull? Is it a rational one? We can go through all eventualities. If you think this is the moment we disappear, you are mistaken! We will arrange to speak with you throughout your notice period. A three month notice period is a long time and we want to maintain that connection between you and your new employer. Keep us in the loop; tell us any reservations you may have. It is better to get these out in the open now as it gives us time to sort things out!

We talk before your first day, and then quite regularly thereafter. I have had a couple of instances where things haven’t been going too well. If that’s the case, it’s ok to talk! Please don’t feel like you cannot tell us these things. We are here through the rough and the smooth! As an outsider, I will talk to you and help you see rationally. What are the implications of leaving? What are the implications of staying? What will leaving look like to other firms and potential employers? Is this just a bad day? My advice will always be to stay where you are and give it chance. There is always bedding in period where things slowly pick up. Any new employer will need to build trust in their new employees and help you to work in their way before setting you off with extra responsibilities. This time is perfect to take everything in and learn as much as you can about the culture, the way they work, the nature of the work.

Here at BCL, our relationship with you is career long. We have helped many candidates with multiple moves throughout their career and given them honest advice about each move. We pride ourselves on our integrity and will always provide you with an honest picture, even when it is not pretty!

If you are looking for a move (or a haircut and need a good Salon), please give me a call. I would more than happy to help you with that next step. I work with firms across the West Midlands in many disciplines to include family and commercial property.

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