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Get out of town!

So after two years of hard work, you have finally qualified! For some, it can be a bitter sweet occasion. Maybe there is no opportunity for you to stay on? Maybe, there is an opportunity but in an area that you disliked during your seat? It could be that there is an opportunity for you, but you feel that it is now time to move on?

It is the dream of many to move onto a bigger city firm upon qualification. Of course, this brings with it many advantages. If you are having no luck with the larger city firms, have you thought about the out of town firms?

Hear me out - 1. It is always better to be in a job than out. This means that whilst you are off work, there are other NQ’s stacking up their experience and leaving you behind. Then there’s that inevitable gap that you will have to explain. Also – it’s no fun to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget! How do you afford to live with no job? 2. The chance to make more of a difference on live matters. Teams are usually smaller in out of town firms, meaning that you will be more likely to be hands on. You will usually have your own client’s and matter’s, and see files through from instruction to completion. As a result of this, you will be encouraged to figure out problems and the solutions yourself, and then bounce ideas off the partner, who will usually be sitting next to you and will have already encountered these problems numerous times! 3. Not specialising too soon! It is easy to fall into the trap of specialising right at the beginning of your career. When working in an out of town department, you get chance to work on a broad range of matters which would naturally take you down that niche path later down the line. Cast your net wide! Use this time to see what you like and dislike. Become an expert at the basics, then you will be able to approach your career and of course your work with a rounded view! 4. Becoming a pro at those necessary softer skills You will have so much more opportunity to go out and develop business! Meet other lawyers, meet clients, get your name out there. So when (and if!) you do go on to bigger firms at a later stage, the people who matter, already know your face! As smaller out of town firms are more close knit, you get to build an understanding of the mechanics of the firm; i.e the accounts department, HR department, even reception!

Competition is already high! Don’t put yourself at the back of the queue!

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