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Get the basics right to help your interview succeed.

When it comes to interviews, most individuals undertake comprehensive preparations so they can talk through their experience and answer any tough questions a future imployer may ask them. While this is an important part of the process, it is vital to get the basics right as well.

Interviews can be stressful times at best, so it is vital to make sure that you don’t let a simple thing like punctuality ruin your chances on the day. Timekeeping is a basic, yet important part of time management that any new employer will want to see, so follow these simple tips to get there on time, looking and feeling cool as a cucumber, ready to give your best in the interview.

1. Good punctuality begins with preparation Plan your journey and print out directions. Use online tools such as the company’s web site or Google maps to get the information you need. You can even call the company and ask them for travel tips to ensure that you are well informed. Print out contact details for the company and take these with you in case you do need to call ahead whilst on your journey. Think about timings and external punctuality factors such as the rush hour etc. Will you need to allow extra time to get there if your interview is first thing? Will you be relying on public transport? If so, what is the time of the second train, in case the first one is full? 2. Take time to have a breather Aim to arrive early. Not just five minutes, but at least twenty. This will allow you to sit quietly, collect your thoughts and allow yourself to be calm and focused on the interview. You will be able to think over any questions or presentations that you might have been asked to prepare. Now is also a good time to think of some relevant questions to ask in the interview. 3. The informal interview Remember that first impressions count. As soon as you step foot onto your potential employers premises, remember that you are being judged and act accordingly. Be polite to everyone; the receptionist is likely to be well networked in the business and know the key decision makers! Remember your manners and behavior will be on show for everyone to see. 4. Ring ahead if you have problems Sometimes things do go wrong and we cannot get there on time. Your employer will understand that in extreme reasons this might be the case. If so, call and explain as soon as you can, ideally before the time that you should be there. Follow these simple rules and you’ll have managed a basic yet vital part of the interview, leaving you to focus on winning that dream job!

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