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Getting ‘onboard’ with BCL Legal

Leaving a job can be a daunting prospect – you feel comfortable, you have a routine and you know what is expected of you. This is all compounded when leaving the military as you also receive accommodation, have your meals cooked or paid for, travel expenses covered and they even wash your clothes in some of the jobs!

The only problem with being the Royal Navy was that I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue going back to sea and when I had the opportunity to work in the Armed Forces recruitment office I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in. I love having a good chat with new people every day and the chance to help them find their dream job is very rewarding. I made the scary decision to put my ‘chit’ in to leave the service last May and with a 12 month notice period to wait out, I tentatively started making enquiries. When I came across BCL Legal I knew this was the company for me. The values we work by really reflect those of the military – working positively and for the good of the team, being accountable and caring are all things that were important to me when seeking out my new ‘civvy’ job.

My new manager, Rozie, supported me through my notice period and my introduction to the company started months before my first day. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to job moves – but then what would you expect from specialist recruiters! I’ve almost completed my first month and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. My advice to my former military colleagues, and anyone looking to make their next move, is don’t be afraid of change. The right company will recognise the value you can add to the team and if you’ve already thought about moving, it’s probably because the job you’re in isn’t the right one.

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