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Going back is not always a bad thing!

Having left BCL Legal for two and a half years, I am back! There is a real stigma surrounding “going back” to somewhere you have worked before, but having returned to the “nest” I just can’t see why?!. When I sit in the office and look around, I can honestly say that I am not the only one who’s ventured to pastures new and returned.

Living in the Middle East was great fun, and ultimately, an experience I will always remember but whilst conveyancing is booming and oil prices are down, why would anyone choose Dubai over Manchester?! Well ok, the weather might be slightly better…..but Manchester was 16 degrees yesterday!

The amount of times I hear candidates say no to jobs based on the fact they worked there before is unbelievable. Or worse, when people tell me their friends have worked somewhere 10 years ago and as such they couldn’t possibly apply. Ultimately, if you leave somewhere on good terms, you were an honest and committed employee that worked hard and the company was good to you then why would you not consider returning? Everyone always wants to know whether the grass is indeed greener somewhere else, but if it’s not, there is no shame in going home!

Since I have been gone, BCL Legal has expanded, we have new impressive Manchester offices, the systems and processes have been improved massively and more importantly, the new hires each bring such a massive wealth of experience and knowledge to the business. Whilst many faces are the same, it is very much a different (and improved) business.

It’s very apparent to see the changes that have been made in the conveyancing field. Many of the clients I once worked with are now even better, having streamlined systems, offering new flexible working hours and even better salaries. We have more conveyancing roles than before and the quality of individuals we register in conveyancing is amazing.

So if you, like me, always had one eye on the company you left, it might be time to get in touch with us. It’s much easier to reach back through a recruiter and we would be more than happy to give you some insight as to how much the company has really changed – I bet you will be impressed too!

So as a once again, happy, conveyancing recruiter in Manchester, I can honestly say; Moving back is not always a bad thing!!

For more information, please contact Azara Rodgers at BCL Legal.


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