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Got that Friday feeling??

As I sit here on a sunny Friday morning thinking of blog inspiration, one thing springs to mind….its Friday and I’ve got that feeling that I think most people get on a Friday…..The weekend has landed!! Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on getting that Friday feeling.

I remember when I was younger my parents used to say to me ‘time flies as you get older’ to which I just used to laugh. Now however; I completely understand this saying. Where has this week gone, it’s already Friday! I can’t believe Q1 has already passed us and we are already a month into Q2…..I will be talking about summer holidays in my next blog.

I think everyone will agree that Fridays are one of the better days of the week… even residential conveyancers. Residential conveyancers may dread the thought of a Friday in the first instance as it is completions day and they know it is going to be a busy day and maybe even a stressful day… but knowing that you have two days to relax surely must give you that Friday feeling?! I may be wrong, residential conveyancers may hate the thought of Fridays.

After reading this article 11 sure signs you've got that Friday feeling, I can definitely relate to a few of these. My favourite thing on this list is number 11. I’ve lost count how many times my colleagues have said “at least it’s Friday”.

I personally love Fridays (not quite as much as Saturdays) as everyone is always in a good mood and here at BCL Legal we even have dress down day. People may read this and think that I don’t enjoy my job and I’m wishing my life away dreaming of the weekend which really isn’t the case, I love my job….but who doesn’t enjoy the weekend?

If you dread Mondays and are literally counting the seconds to Friday, it is time to look for a new job!! BCL Legal are working closely with firms across the country who are looking to strengthen and expand their firms so call for a confidential discussion at BCL Legal.

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