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Half term chaos!

The months of April and May can be a chaotic time for those working parents who have children in school. Firstly we have the two week Easter break followed by May Day bank holiday and the May half term. It can also be a time for elections with schools closing for polling day. In addition, despite all these ‘days off’ given to the children schools, well certainly my daughter’s school manage to find time to have an inset day.

All in all I calculate that during April and May this can mean up to 18 days the children are off school in a two month period! This can mean requiring to use up over half of your yearly holiday allowance and we have not even hit the six week summer term yet!

Also being a legal recruitment consultant this can be one of the busiest times of the year, so we want to avoid being off work as much as we can at this time. It is financial year end so budgets are being set for recruitment and teams are deciding where they have requirements. Add to this it is NQ season, so once internal recruitment has been completed a number of external NQ opportunities open up around this time.

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to rely on family to help out during these months to avoid the need to use up all holidays. It could be that you and your partner have an arrangement and split the time off and share the need to use up your holidays. A lot of schools run holiday clubs but these can add an extra cost and don’t always run to the same times as before and after school clubs so flexibility may be required.

We all have a method to work alongside the madness, however if you find that you are thinking of making a move as your current role is not providing you with the flexibility you need then contact BCL Legal as we will talk through your situation, your needs and what you would need to make your work life balance work.

Here at BCL Legal I focus on private practice recruitment in the East Midlands and Home Counties, specialising in recruiting partners, directors, senior associates, associates, solicitors and newly qualified solicitors of across all commercial disciplines.

If you would like to talk about your job search and enquire about vacancies please contact Victoria Noble or visit our website BCL Legal.

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