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Katherine Scarff
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Happy New Year – Happy New Career

Well what a year I’ve had moving jobs and in to the legal sector. Coming from an IT sales background I was apprehensive as this was my first job after university where I had spent four years building relationships with clients and colleagues, even managing a team. I have been at  BCL Legal for just over 6 months and feel that I am a fully fledged legal consultant who can deliver to both my clients and candidates.

Getting to know my clients and candidates wasn’t always easy, as breaking in to any new market never is; however once I understood the WHEELS it fell in to place. Upon reflection the last six months has had its highs and lows but I have learnt so much, not only about legal recruitment but the world of conveyancing.

Thinking about the month of December it’s an interesting topic. With so much on in people’s lives, often the job search is something we forget about and we all say that too familiar saying ‘I’ll do it in the New Year’. Rather than thinking this is a perfect opportunity and that we should be making the most of it. December seems to be a month when people often put the job search on hold as it is perceived that firms are not recruiting and will want to recruit in the New Year, when actually it can be the complete opposite. December can in fact be the best time to look for work as firms make quick decisions, often giving people a chance that perhaps during any other time of year they would not have had and are keen to get people started in the New Year.

As the property market is booming it is never a bad time to look for a new role as a conveyancer but with completions happening like never before those technical skills which are so much desired are ever in demand.

Don’t put the job search on hold, make the time for interviews and commit! As I have noticed over the last 4 years working in recruitment, a commitment in December can pay off faster than any other time of year. A new job is a great way to start the Christmas period I am sure would make anyone’s Christmas just that little bit extra special.

If you are interested to find out more about opportunities  in residential property then please contact Katherine Scarff on 0113 322 4904.

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