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HELP its June and I don’t have an NQ position yet

HELP its June and I don’t have an NQ position yet

So it’s June, most people now know if they are staying or leaving their training firm. Sad to say that the external NQ roles have not exactly been flooding out.

What next?

This is the point in the year when decisions need to be made. If you have not yet got a job you need to start asking yourself if you be more flexible.

Is it more important to you that you have a position in September or that you are a corporate solicitor. If you really only want to practice commercial law, do you have to stay in Birmingham?

Some candidates are in the fortunate position where they do not need to work, in which case it is probable they can afford to wait however long it takes for the “right” position to become available. In other cases candidates leave the law altogether because they would rather not practise law than not be a banking, corporate, commercial, employment (delete as applicable) solicitor.

Here at BCL Legal we are committed to trying to help candidates secure their preferred positions. However, we are also prepared to be realistic with candidates. We will offer candidates information about all roles that we think they could be suitable for to ensure that no one who needs a job ends up without one.

If you are starting to feel concerned about your job prospects for September they by all means give us a call. Perhaps there are options that you have not already considered.  For example a candidate that wants a commercial work because they “love drafting” might also want to consider projects or landlord/ tenant positions. A candidate who wants commercial litigation because they “love litigating” might also be sensible to consider insurance litigation or banking litigation work.

Haven’t done a seat? It might not matter. Certainly in more niche’ areas like banking and pensions we find our clients will happily look at candidates who have not done a seat but who have a genuine interest and exposure to other relevant areas of work.

So it’s June and if you do not have an NQ position yet then we are here to help. However you can help us by being realistic and considering all relevant options. Together we can make sure that you are in a good position in September.

If you wish to discuss any of the above points then please do not hesitate to contact BCL Legal or call us on 0845 241 0933.

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