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Why honesty is always the best policy

According to Collins Dictionary, “if you have integrity, you are honest and firm in your moral principles”. It’s a quality which frequently tops the charts as one of the top attributes of a great leader, a great business and a great employee. It’s one of the fundamental values that employers seek in the employees that they hire, the hallmark of someone who is able to demonstrate trustworthiness, reliability and honesty with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

We always try to form an honest and open relationship with our candidates from the outset. We want to understand your motivations for wanting to move on; whether its because you feel undervalued, are striving for healthier balance or better quality work, we’ll do our best to provide you with opportunities which in the main, will match your requirements. I know that there are often instances when you might have had a particularly bad day in the office and the grass is looking a lot greener on the other side. Your CV goes out the firm, you might even agree to an interview, but tomorrow’s a new day and you change your mind. We can all change our minds, there’s nothing wrong with that, but communication is key. The impact of not being honest and open about your feelings and change of heart will only serve to reflect badly on your own reputation. Remember, lawyers are all busy. Think about the time we spend as recruiters giving you a thorough overview of the role, the firm and the opportunity. Taking time out of a partner or head of department’s day to review and discuss a CV is not an easy feat. Arranging diaries and juggling dates and times to accommodate the interview often takes time. The hiring manager will also have taken time out of their day to plan for the interview and when you don’t show up, it makes a lasting impression.

If it’s down to anxiousness, the feeling of being unprepared, a busy day in the office or simply because you’ve had second thoughts, just let us know. We can manage the process so that you can either reschedule, or reapply at a later date. We’ll always aim to maintain a positive outlook on your behalf so the door will always be left open. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way and we promise we’re on your side.

If you’re just tentatively considering a move and want a feel for opportunities on the market without committing to a move at this stage, we can help.

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