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Katherine Scarff
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Honesty is the best policy

Throughout the recruitment process unexpected events can happen we all know that. Sometimes we have to work overtime, people fall ill and childcare that my have been arranged cancels and we have to take charge. Sometimes work does come first and lets be honest even though you might want to fill your diary as much as possible with interviews it just isn’t feasible and you have to take things a little bit slower, if that is the case that is absolutely fine, just let us know and we can tailor our process to suit your needs. We understand how it can be a challenge to juggle work commitments and other activities, the thing is as your consultant representing you, and we understand that sometimes unexpected events happen. I am a true believer of honesty is the best policy so if you can’t make an interview don’t panic, just tell us and we can rearrange for you or if it’s not right we can speak to the firm for you explaining your reasons and therefore not jeopardising any future applications as you never know a few months down the line you might feel that is right for you and actually you would like to reapply.

At BCL Legal we spend a lot of time with both our clients and candidates really getting to know them and always striving to provide them with an honest, efficient and professional service. The thing is, we are on your side and our goal is to secure you with a new opportunity that you will enjoy and stay in and build a career. What we don’t want to do as it will just cause problems further down the line is push our candidates into anything, as a new job is big deal but an interview is your chance as much as a firm’s decision to decide whether you want to work there, so enjoy the process and the ride as you have nothing to loose. I would advise any of my candidates to go and see what’s out there but, make sure it’s right for you and the right time as things cab move fast. By keeping an open mind you never know, you may just find that perfect opportunity which really could change things for you for the better.

For further information on any opportunities within residential conveyancing across Yorkshire and the North East then please feel free to get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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