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Honesty is the Best Policy

Recent events have brought the issue of CV content into the public eye once again with rumours abound that the reasoning behind the exit if Yahoo’s CEO in the last few days was a consequence of the discovery of some incorrect information contained within his CV see here.

Whilst I make no comment on that, having been through the job market myself, one always has the temptation to embellish key aspects of your achievements in order to portray yourself in the best possible light. Is there anything wrong with that?

Almost certainly not, however there is a fine line between embellishment and outright lying. For those that are fortunate to have secured straight A’s the thought is unnecessary but for those (and believe it or not, I include myself in that merry band) where not all their academic achievements are as they would wish, there can be the temptation to be less than candid. At one extreme we have seen people that have simply put false grades within their CV’s to those that will simply not put what grades they achieved. Ultimately such approach is futile as, in the main, most recruiting firms will want to know the detail and if it is not provided will ask for it (whether at the start of the process or during interview).

Honesty remains the best possible. Indeed in discussing any issues at the outset, it means that we can go into bat for you and explain any anomalies so that they do not become a matter of concern.

Equally, it provides an opportunity for us to discuss with you how such matters could be dealt with at interview stage.

Ultimately, the crucial aspects will be the experience that you have gained and we will always work with you to bring out the best in that.

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