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How your level of honesty with a recruiter contributes to the success of your job search

Considering a career change is a crucial time and because of this most job seekers will opt to work with one or more recruiters. One of the key benefits of utilising a recruitment service is their vested interest in finding the perfect match for both yourself and their client. To do this, a recruiter finds out what makes you tick – in order to start their ‘cupid-like’ job search.

The job search process – why honesty is key

During the process of your job search, it’s vital to remain honest. If you have doubts about the role, company, salary, location, hours, or if there’s anything that’s putting you off, your recruiter needs to know. If you’re interviewing for other positions, liaising with other recruiters or you’re susceptible to a last-minute counteroffer, again, they need to know.

Why? It’s certainly not to be nosey or to jeopardise other opportunities. A good recruiter will never push you in the wrong direction (if they do – stop working with them). No, it’s to ensure your motivations remain aligned with the role(s). A lot of the time a shift takes place during the process, so the position initially discussed, mightn’t be the right fit anymore.

Keeping on top of your needs, motivations, wants and desires is a recruiter’s job; they should take a fluid approach to this so you always feel comfortable telling the truth. Once again, if a recruiter makes you feel uncomfortable, or you're finding it difficult to speak the truth (maybe you feel you have to tip-toe around them) – stop working with them!

So what happens next if you're honest and say the job’s no longer right?

Unsurprisingly, it’s highly likely a recruiter will know of other options that are the right fit. So you might miss out on that perfect opportunity because you’ve been too worried to speak up at the time (or haven't felt comfortable doing so). In some instances, there’ll be an immediate opportunity, but the relationship you will have built (with an honest foundation), means you’re a top candidate for the next ‘dream job’ that comes in.

This happens all the time; most recruiters have ongoing relationships with candidates that come to them, again and again, should they need to.

Recruiters help

Recruiters are there to take away those time-consuming tasks, such as scrolling through job boards, calling or emailing potential employers, scheduling interviews, chasing feedback and negotiating salaries. Putting your trust in a recruiter saves you time, and eliminates the risk involved when you’re job hunting whilst still employed (you don’t want your current employer to start asking questions).

They’re also there to listen and offer support and advice throughout the interview process. A good recruiter should be a genuine partner throughout your job search.

Ultimately, a good relationship with a recruiter is invaluable, and honesty from both sides is the key to success! So go out and find one! Stuck on this? Click here for guidance on how to choose a good recruitment agency.

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