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How best to approach your search for a new legal role

So, where to start?

By the time you've qualified and reached the stage of searching for jobs with a view to applying, you should have a clear idea of which area of law you’d like to work in. If you’re newly qualified, you'll probably have some relevant work experience from your training contract or pre-qualification.

If you’re already working and want to take the next step in your career you should think about how you’d like to progress your career and in which direction.

Every law firm’s website will have detailed information on the various services they offer to clients, the structure of the team and usually some of the clients which they work for. If you’re in need of some inspiration or direction, this is definitely a great starting point, whether you’re considering a move in the same area of law, or something slightly different.

Preparing for your job search

Before making those all important applications to the roles which you’ve set your sights on, now is the best time for some self-reflection. Consider your level of knowledge, experience and skills. Here are some further examples of things you should also think about:

·         Your strengths and weaknesses

·         Your current level of experience

·         The types of work and areas of law that interest you

·         Skills that you’d like to develop

·         The qualities you can bring to an employer

·         Where you’d like to work and the opportunities that are available

Allow plenty of time in advance of an application submission to research, prepare and tailor applications to improve your chances of success.


There is no shortage of resources out there for you to benefit from as a lawyer. The Law Society website is a great place to start, as are the ranking sites such as The Legal 500, which provide a great overview of the legal market in your area to aid you in your search.


Blogs are a great resource for gathering information during your job search. Many practicing lawyers regularly post blogs on their firms’ websites and LinkedIn pages. BCL Legal's team also write monthly blogs with a regional or topical focus, about all things legal recruitment related.


Webinars are scheduled continuously throughout the year and cover a wide reaching range of issues, from CV tips and insights, confidence building, interview advice and of course, changes to the legal landscape and updates in the law.


There is always a wealth of ongoing events to choose from and they are a great way to meet people from varying firms and backgrounds, which is always useful when considering a move. Some events will require a small fee (circa £20 or less) to attend but some are free to attend! Events are always a great networking opportunity and you should seriously consider making some space in your diary where possible for them.

Junior Lawyers Divisions frequently host events up and down the country and these are often supported by recruitment agencies. You might find that having a conversation with a recruitment consultant in a slightly more relaxed environment could be hugely beneficial to your job search, whether you gain an overview of the market and current opportunities or some simple advice on salary.

For general job search or CV advice and market information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the BCL Legal team. 

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