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How best to prepare for a job interview.

Preparing for a job interview can be a daunting task especially if you have not had many interviews or have not interviewed in a long time. However, it is something that we all have to do at one point so here are a few things that are worthwhile knowing when preparing for an interview…

Know what type of interview you are attending:

Successful interview preparation begins from the moment that you get the call informing you that you have been invited to interview – This provides you with the perfect opportunity to find out as much information about your interview to help you prepare, key questions to ask are: • Who will I be meeting? (an interview with a member of HR will be different to an interview with a line manager). • How long can I expect the interview to last? • What will be the structure/format of the interview? • Is there any testing involved – if so what type?

Ensure your preparation is thorough:

Your preparation should cover a few key areas that are outlined below • Your CV – You should know your CV inside out and be prepared to talk through your experience and skills that you have developed in a concise but informative way. Have a hard copy printed to take with you to your interview. • The company – Using the company website is always a great way to find out about what the company does and can be a great foundation to your preparation. However, it is beneficial to use the internet to look at recent awards or press releases about the company that you are interviewing with, to ensure that you are able to demonstrate a genuine interest in the company and role. • Structure your answers: Prepare your answers and ensure that you always provide an example of when you are referencing a skill that you have; this is to give yourself credibility. • Questions – Have questions about the opportunity prepared; this can range from questions about the day to day aspects of the role to questions about the longer term growth or progression of the company, and how that will affect you should you be successful. Plan your route: • Ensure you know what office your interview is being held at if the company you are interviewing with has more than one. • Plan your route to the office and ensure that you have an alternative backup route should there be any unexpected delays. Rest! Once you have completed your interview preparation ensure that you get a good nights rest and most importantly set your alarm!

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