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How committed are you to moving jobs?

You've taken the time, effort and energy to update your CV. You've registered with, in most cases, more than one recruiter and then spent what amounts to a good couple of hours on the phone discussing roles, ambitions, long term plans, salaries and benefit packages.

You've then not only used valuable annual leave to attend at least one interview, but have also sacrificed personal time at weekends and evenings in order to not only prepare for your interview, but research your potential future employer, the interviewer(s), not to mention the amount of expensive ink used printing off relevant literature.

Having undergone the intensity of the interview you then suffer what only feels like an eternity of waiting before you receive the inevitable phone call with the outcome. You're heart in your mouth, your adrenaline pumping and suffering both the fear and excitement of the impact of the impending news, you're informed that you've been successful. You're popular, your ability and skills have been recognised. Someone wants to employ you. You can add real quality and strength to a new employer. They love you and offer a much better role than your existing one, with an increase in pay as an added incentive. You're delighted, and rightly so. You've taken a step up on the career ladder, and boy don't you deserve it!

And then, nothing. You don't move. You decide not to. You decide to stay with your present employer. Why is this? All of your hard work, determination, effort and enthusiasm; what's it been for? Did you ever want to move? Did you hope to use a job offer as leverage with your existing employer? Long term, was that wise? If you get a salary increase, will this just be next years rise brought forward? In terms of loyalty, how has your conduct been received long term?

At BCL Legal we understand that moving jobs is a stressful process and that a whole host of variables need to be taken into account. Our recruiters don't just get you a new job; we offer long term career advice.

So if you're considering a move, be honest with yourself; just exactly how committed are you? And if you don't follow it through, how will this impact upon your perception in relation to potential employers, who have to then begin the recruitment process again, and also your existing employer, whom you've alerted to the fact that you'll always have one eye on the door?

If you are thinking about moving jobs, but perhaps are a bit nervous, please feel free to call us, in confidence.

For more information please call Matt Robinson or visit our website BCL Legal.

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