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Katherine Scarff
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How do you feel in work as we move out of lockdown measures?

Nervous, happy, excited? Which one are you?

It seems that a lot of people can’t wait to get back to normality... People have missed love ones, missed going out and let’s being honest, who hasn’t missed a holiday but, there are also a growing number of people who seem to have in some way, loved lock down. These people and are anxious about going back to normal as they have enjoyed spending more times with their loved ones at home, enjoy not being out all of the time, saving money and actually enjoy working from home.

With this in mind, what is the plan for your employer? Have you worked in the office all the way through, been furloughed or working from home and the plan is to return to the office at some point?

It’s an interesting topic and one to think about and perhaps ask yourself why you feel like the way you do. It might be time to think about your employer and how flexible will they be when things do go back to normal. Can you have an honest conversation with them about how you feel about life after COVID and what you would really want from them? If you can’t have the honest conversation with your employer and feel anxious about the working pattern, hours or have decided that something else doesn’t sit right, then get in touch.

At BCL we have some fantastic opportunities at the moment within conveyancing offering home working, part-time and more flexibility as most firms see this now as being really important.

Or if you would like to discuss the current residential property market across Yorkshire as a whole, then again please feel free to get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 07530737186.

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