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How do you find the right role in a job rich market?

Since the pandemic the legal market has comfortably recovered and in a most cases there’s more opportunities than ever before – So what does this mean for solicitors looking for new opportunities?

Depending on the area of law you’re looking at you might find yourself with a lot of options and this will affect how the process works. Most areas are very competitive at the moment and with a lot of opportunities to choose from, you might find yourself in the process at multiple firms – This is great  for solicitors as it could easily result in interviews and offers at multiple firms, but you might want to act swiftly and carefully!

An important thing to bear in mind is that firms are trying to fill roles quickly. We’re seeing firms jump at opportunities, this means interviews are set up on very short notice and in some cases 2nd interviews are no longer required – luckily Teams and Zoom interviews take place more often than not, so things can progress on short notice. Just remember to move fast! If you’re on the fence about a role, go ahead and make the application – It might not be there the following day!

Another positive thing to consider is the control that candidates now often have when it comes to opportunities – With so many roles available candidates are arguably in a much better position to negotiate more lucrative and beneficial terms – Just remember not to over-do it, it’s a risky game to play in a market where firms are moving so quickly!

The market is without a doubt completely different that it has been, with no signs of slowing down – candidates are in a fantastic position to get the best out of opportunities, but the whole process is requiring more attention in a shorter space of time.

BCL handles opportunities for individuals in disciplines in all areas – If you’re curious about what opportunities are looking like, or you’re just looking for a conversation about he market, please feel free to call us for a confidential conversation.

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