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How experienced is too experienced in the Legal World

Like most things in life there is usually a use by/sell by date but does this apply to the legal profession or any other profession in fact? However for all intents and purposes, being a specialist legal recruitment consultant I will concentrate on the legal sector!

I recruit for claimant and defendant personal injury, clinical negligence, professional indemnity firms in Midlands/South West and Oxford for all levels of PQE. Most recruiting firms will always provide a level of PQE solicitor they would like to have, with that there is always a caveat that this should not preclude more experienced solicitors.

When jobs are advertised they usually provide guidance on what level of PQE the client firm are seeking, which from my experience tends to be between NQ and 6PQE. The reasons for this can be many folds i.e. the business has a set budget for salary, or the team has a certain value or range of work that would suit perhaps a more junior lawyer. But what if you have more than 6 years experience, are you too qualified for the job? Are you to expensive to recruit?

These very well could be the reasons why firms provide an upper limit of PQE but despite these reasons, firms will most certainly always value and consider applications from candidates that have many more years experience in excess of the guiding PQE level stipulated. I would therefore advise any ‘seasoned players’ currently on the market to not be put off by the PQE levels and apply for the jobs they are interested in.

As a specialist consultant it would be my job to speak with you and assess whether in fact you would be a good fit for the role and the firm and how your experience will benefit the recruiting firm. If ever you are in doubt and think you are over qualified, it is always worth applying and having a conversation. Firms/departments that have a business critical need to recruit will take the time out to interview a more experienced solicitor. Furthermore they will have a better case to present to the powers that be to increase on salary budget etc. if indeed you are the right person for the job.

I am currently recruiting for a clinical negligence/inquests solicitor for a leading defendant clinical negligence practice in Nottingham and would welcome CVs from experienced clinical negligence/healthcare/inquests solicitors and advocates that would be interested in this area of work. Please take at look at this link for further details:- please contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475.

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