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How has the job search landscape changed over the past two decades?

The evolution of job searching over the past 20 years

Job hunting has changed dramatically over the last two decades, predominantly due to the increased use of technology by both recruitment companies and their potential candidates.

In the 1990s, job seekers had to divide their time between visiting recruiters, searching in the windows of local businesses and scouring through newspapers for suitable vacancies.

Nowadays, the job hunt has become much more streamlined, with  job vacancies searchable and accessible online to anyone with internet access at any time of the day. Social media has also had a major part to play in this new age of job searching, as people can easily network with firms and companies they would like to work for.

Comparing jobseeker journeys

Our infographic pinpoints exactly how the job hunt has changed over the past two decades, the impact technology has had on the recruitment process and the strategies people are now using to successfully secure their new roles.

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Changes in the job search landscape

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