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How much procrastinating is too much?

How much procrastinating is too much?

Sat in the office on a Friday afternoon whilst it hammers down with rain, I did start to wonder – how much procrastinating at work is normal? I must admit, today I have discussed the weather, what I had for dinner and of course Eastenders. I strongly believe that as a nation we all spend at least 10% of the day, making a cup of tea or looking on Linked In or choosing to visit our colleagues at a different desk / room rather as it allows you to “switch off” for a moment. However the question proposed is when does it stop being normal and run of the mill and when does it became a sure sign that you are fed up of your job!

Are you procrastinating because quite frankly, you feel bored, unchallenged and frustrated in your position? Is it a case that you are unfulfilled and wasting time, distracting yourself and others is much easier and more interesting that doing the work in front of you? Or is it a case that you don’t actually have enough to do? Either way you look at it, it’s not a great sign of your current employment. It may well be a sign that you aren’t being invested in enough or that you simply aren’t happy.

At BCL Legal we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field. Moving job doesn’t need to be stressful and an upheaval. We are there to lighten the load and make finding a new job fun.  BCL Legal have contacts in most firms and with a strong reputation in the market, we are able to introduce you to likeminded people in firms that have work flowing in. You will be able to find an environment that will excite and drive you to do better and progress. Y our consultant will be able to guide you in your job search and advise you of the firms that may be of interest.

It’s always easier to stay and procrastinate, however searching for your new job, may well be the best procrastination there is! Call us on 0845 2410933 to have a confidential discussion about your situation.

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