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How to boost the working blues

How to boost the working blues

Work is a necessary part of life. During the daily grind it’s often easy to forget why you enjoy your job – the negatives creep in and take over, which can mean the working blues set in and drag you down. If you dread going into the office and there are issues you can’t resolve, such as a lack of progression prospects, poor salary or difficult working environment, the problems can be deeper, but for many lawyers things can be resolved.

For many, itchy feet at work simply comes through boredom. You may have been in a role for some time and simply need to reassess your role. Can you vary your role or responsibilities? Perhaps you could ask to become involved with a new client, help pitch for work, or implement a new business development strategy? Take control and suggest ideas to your team – more often than not your superiors will see this as a positive and be keen to support you in new initiatives. A simple change in activities can rejuvenate you and give you an extra boost at work that you were lacking.

Is your team feeling low on morale? Maybe others around you are loosing their positive spirit. A reduction in work, or alternatively being too busy at work, can drag people down and others around them. A change in culture can be achieved to make the environment more enjoyable – you might not have the influence to change an organisation, but you could make a difference to your immediate team and direct culture around you. Try organising a lunch or team drinks to bring the team closer together, something as little as this can give everyone something to look forward to and create a bond amongst the people you work with.
Mentoring others and giving support can help you and others to feel more valued at work. You could suggest a mentoring scheme, or perhaps you are in a position to give training or support to more junior fee earners or support staff? Working with others and giving them guidance to progress and develop their performance can be rewarding both for you and them – a feeling of appreciation and improvement in performance and can be a great motivation boost.

No one can love their job every day of the week, but changing a few simple aspects can help enormously. However if after all your efforts you still feel undervalued, or your aspirations are simply not being met by your current firm, perhaps it’s time to consider your options. Consultants at BCL Legal are on hand to advise you and give career guidance to support your next move

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