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How to Cancel an Interview

You decide to start looking for a role and start firing out your CV. The interviews start flooding in and you start having different discussions with different firms. This may be with one recruitment consultant or a couple. Mid process, you find a job that appears to fit your wish list; you accept and happily disappear into the sunset.

Whilst this is great news for you, to completely disappear off the radar can appear unprofessional, short sighted and at the very worst, rude.

It goes without saying that it is much easier to use just BCL Legal when looking for a job. We can manage the process for you and it will be easier to help you through your decision making process. When interview start turning into offers, it becomes tempting to take other things off the table and to just accept what is in front of you. We will be best placed to advise you impartially when it is appropriate to accept a role and withdraw from other processes. How do you know that there isn’t something better than the offer that you are holding? Sometimes it is best to have all the chat’s that you can to make sure that you are making a rounded decision.

Recently, in my specialism of private practice in the wider West Midlands, I have found that candidates have been in other processes and without a single word to me, have disappeared. I can only assume that they found another job. I then have to explain to the firm that whilst you appeared keen to begin with, you are now nowhere to be seen. This leaves us, the recruitment agency, in a difficult position because not only does it reflect badly on us, it looks worse on you. It is your name on the CV, and people tend to remember those who let them down. What if you wish to revisit these firms in the future? What if you work against them on matters a little later on down the line? Don’t give anybody any reason to think badly of you.

In the above situation, ideally, we would have talked this through with the candidate and decided whether it was worth attending the further interviews. If it wasn’t, we would have managed the client’s expectations and politely withdraw from the process. Thus leaving no bad feelings and leaving doors open in the future.

Remember, in an interview where you will be meeting with senior level lawyers, their time means a lot of money (anything from £150 upwards!), so it is about getting the balance right. We can help manage that process, so the moral of the story is to be open and honest and help us to help you!

Fortunately for you, I don’t charge you anything for my time, so if you have any queries about whether you should be attending an interview, please give me a call.

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