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How To Deal With A Job Offer Rejection

This can happen to us all at sometime or another but learning how to deal with a job offer rejection should be looked upon as just another skill to be learned. You have had the interview, you feel it went well and you have probably already convinced yourself the job is yours, but shortly after, you receive a telephone call or a letter in the post-and it’s a job rejection letter. Immediately your self esteem plummets and you’re left wondering why. Here’s a few pointers to help you keep things in perspective.

Don't take it personally

Or at least try not to, even the best candidates will get rejected and remember learning how to deal with a job offer rejection is part of your plan for securing your new job. Also remember that the person rejecting you could be wrong and that a hiring manager does sometimes make the wrong decision!

They could be right

This is certainly something you need to consider, quite often it’s not just about you having the skills for the job, it’s often a question of fit with the organisation or a particular manager, company culture etc. Sometimes one personality type is a better fit than another and whilst we will ensure you are fully prepared, if you don’t fit the firm personality-wise, or build a rapport with the hiring manager, it’s likely the firm is not right for you and are you really going to enjoy working there?

The rejection call and how to deal the rejection

We will endeavour to get as much feedback as possible for you to bear in mind for next time. The main thing is to learn from it, don't start trying to read between the lines to see if there's something else we’re not telling you, there won't be! We’ll be as honest as possible with your feedback, the legal market is so extremely competitive, not succeeding does not mean that you did not impress or sell yourself in a positive light.

The philosophical approach

You can always try to keep this in mind- maybe the job was just not meant to be. It could well have turned out to be the wrong move as opposed to the perfect position you thought it was going to be. Don't allow your self esteem to nose dive. Focus more on your qualifications and your strengths. Don't allow yourself to focus on your past failures if any, instead focus on your previous successes and situations with a positive outcome.

The show must go on!

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