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How to ensure you secure the best solicitors for your firm

How to ensure you secure the best solicitors for your firm

The biggest obstacle to you securing the perfect solicitor for your role is time. Generally, once someone has made their mind up about moving firms they are keen to get the process started as quickly as possible. They have spent a long time deciding whether or not to make the move and once decided they don’t like to drag their feet, so in most cases delays are on the part of the prospective employers. A savvy candidate will have a number of opportunities in the pipe line at any one time so firms that are able to move quickly are often at a huge advantage in terms of securing the best solicitors.

It is important at the outset to determine a realistic timeframe for each stage of the recruitment process. Slow movement by you may be interpreted as lack of interest by the candidate, even if that is not the case. In some disciplines candidates at a certain level of pqe are very hard to come by and you should be prepared to move very quickly if presented with a candidate who ticks all of your boxes because chances are everyone else will also want them.

Once you have determined who you are looking for and your timescales then you should instruct a specialist recruitment agency who can guide you through the process and seek out the best qualified individuals for the job. In terms of legal professionals, this is where BCL Legal can help. We will guide you on the best approach to take depending on your requirements:

It is important to give as much information as possible to your recruitment agency. We are instructed to find the best possible solicitors for your requirements so the more we know about you and what you are looking for, the better. Candidates will want to know your current situation and why you’re recruiting, how the position has arisen, the structure of the team and the structure of the firm. They are also increasingly keen to find out about the culture of the firm, the personalities you look for, social activities you arrange, what your ethos is and what you expect from your staff. It is as much about selling your firm to them as it is about selling them to you.

Once we know exactly what you are looking for and have a good understanding of your firm and the type of personality that would fit, you can be assured that we will find the best solicitor for the job!

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