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How to grab the attention of the reader!

As a recruitment consultant who specialises in residential property, writing adverts can sometimes be a tricky task. This is part of the process of being in recruitment and there are a few things to consider when writing an advert.

Writing an advert is a day to day task within recruitment and trying to write one that will grab the reader’s attention is a key part when posting online and there are a couple of things that can help with getting those applications. I personally think there are a couple of important things when writing a good job, things like the actual job description (make it punchy, sell the opportunity), the context of the advert is very important along with correct spellings and grammar. There is nothing worse than seeing a badly written advert!! I have seen some in the past and it would definitely put me off wanting to apply.

After reading Chef's comically candid job advert which was a hilarious article in recruitment grapevine, it made me think about how to write an advert that will make all residential conveyancers want to apply for my jobs. I’m not going to lie, the advert definitely would have caught my attention. I would have been intrigued to find out more but probably more out of curiosity than anything else and certainly not because the job had been sold to me with fantastic writing skills. I definitely would not get away with writing an advert as candid as the one on recruitment grapevine and if I had, I am certain it would have been quickly followed by my P45!!

Here at BCL Legal we take the time to find out as much information about the job as possible through meetings and detailed conversations with hiring partners and practice managers before posting it online.

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