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How to know it's time to leave your job

Some people, and we all would like to think that’s us, know exactly when it is the right time to leave their current job. Whereas for others it is not as obvious and can take a very long time for them to realise! Below are some telling signs that it could be that time for you to look for a new role.

1. You are not motivated or passionate

We have all experienced that Sunday night feeling of dreading waking up in the morning and having to get into work, yet this is quite normal! However, when this feeling doesn’t lift when you make it to work or throughout the rest of the week, that’s when there is much more to it! This can result in you being extremely demotivated in the office which of course can affect your performance. If you are no longer passionate about your role, it is more likely that you will feel this way.

2. Your responsibilities/duties have increased but your pay hasn’t

It is very satisfying when your manager recognises that you are capable of taking on more responsibility, which of course should come with a pay rise, right? That is not always the case and while this may be extremely frustrating, unless you speak with your boss about this, it is unlikely that it something they are going to review if they haven’t already done so!

3. You don’t have a work-life balance

If you are spending most of your free time still in the office, or working from home on your laptop then that is a sign that it may be time to review your current role. Whilst working hard is very important, spending time away from work is just as important. It is beneficial to take time out from work not only to spend time with your family and friends, but also to give your mind a rest. That way you will be much more productive upon your return!

If you are a Paralegal and unhappy in your current position, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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