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How To Solve The Residential Conveyancing Skills Shortage!

The property market is still very busy and we are still in a similar position to where we were 6 months ago in that there is still a huge demand for qualified residential conveyancers. A lot of people made the move away from property or re-trained when the market crashed and now we are at a point where there is a huge skills gap in the market. Back in March I wrote an article on the skills gap (below) on the market place. Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers advice on how to get back into residential conveyancing.

A lot of firms are recruiting and as a specialist recruiter of residential conveyancing professionals across the Midlands I am finding that a lot of candidates either a) all ready have a job b) salary expectations are sky high or c) are non existent. A lot of firms are requesting that people have up to date experience which I completely appreciate but this then rules out a very large majority of people that may have had up to 10 years plus experience but unfortunately had to move away from conveyancing due to the market. I understand that clients need to provide a good level of service but I feel that a large proportion of people are slipping through the net and with a couple of weeks training would be fully up to speed with the conveyancing process. I speak to a lot of residential conveyancers who are keen to make that return to conveyancing but cannot find a firm that will look at them as they have been out of the game for a while……I may have the answer to that! Below is the link to a couple of roles I am recruiting for where the client will look at candidates that have been out for a while or retrained in another area of law and are now looking to restart their residential conveyancing career, take a look:

Residential Conveyancer, Northamptonshire Residential Conveyancer, Leicestershire

The two roles above will look at people that have been out for a while and will provide on the job training and development before you are thrown back into the world of conveyancing. These roles are very far and few between and would recommend any residential conveyancer who has been out for a while get in touch and apply.

The above roles not only could be stepping stone to starting your career off again but for experienced residential conveyancers with up to date experience they also offer progression opportunities all the way up to operational level.

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