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How to stay motivated during your job search

Finding a job can be difficult in this market and finding the right job that fits you can be even more difficult. Keeping up the momentum and showing perseverance is key in this sometimes unpredictable process.

First of all if you are succeeding to the interview stage and being invited to interviews then this is a good sign because your CV is clearly delivering the right material. Of course many stumble at the application stage and do not succeed to an interview. If this is the case it is always recommended to keep your CV constantly trimmed and updated according to the particular job you are applying for. For hints and tips on CVs please visit our website little changes can go a long way. These tips will help you keep motivated and active in your job search.

Talking to legal consultants at BCL Legal to understand generally what is happening in the legal market will keep you well informed with both the reason behind why you are not successful, or why it is taking a length of time or what the competition is like. This will give you direction and guidance on making the right applications and searching in the right place. Quality applications at the right time have better chances of securing your ideal role then bombarding firms with your CV.

It is always good to try and get as much feedback on your applications as possible, this is not just after your CV has been sent and after your interview. Try and obtain feedback during the interview when interviewers give you the chance to ask questions ask about them and how they think you performed. Remember recruitment consultants are able to give you a good indication of how you come across through mock interviews and generally in conducting  yourself. It is always good to take this as constructive criticism.

Keep yourself continuously moving on the job front side, research into roles keep yourself alerted via email, post & text at on what new roles are available.



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