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How to write your NQ CV

We are often asked what is the best way to write a Newly Qualified CV?  It’s quite a daunting process, and it can literally be the difference between securing that NQ interview or losing out to the competition. Here are a few tips on how to format your CV, what employers will look for and what will put you head and shoulders above the rest.  This is the move that will shape your career moving forward, so you need to ensure you take time over your CV.

• Keep it simple, photo’s, unusual fonts, boxes or excessive use of graphics will detract from its’ content • Make sure you use bullet points. This will encourage the reader -large paragraphs can often be ignored • Split your CV into the seats you have undertaken and in bullet points the key skills/achievements you have gained • If you have managed your own caseload whilst a trainee, make sure it is on the CV. This is a really important aspect to many potential employers • Ensure your education, professional qualifications and training is clear and grades are highlighted. • Personal details and interests are important, but keep them relevant to the job you are applying for • If you have any sporting achievements or extra curricular involvement with associations such as the JLD, ensure this goes on, this will show conscientiousness, drive and the ability to network • Employers won’t want to know if you went on an outward bound weekend whilst in year 10, or whether you won an award in the second year of high school for cheerleading however they will want to know what you have achieved and that will demonstrate you have the right attributes to be a successful lawyer • If you are applying to a firm with an international presence, your language skills and degree of fluency can be important • Keep it short and to the point! Be specific, use numbers and percentages when describing your caseload and responsibilities • Also, ensure you are honest, any embellishments or “white lies” may come back to haunt you, if not now, in years to come

It goes without saying that you should ensure your grammar and spelling is excellent. Finally, BCL Legal will format your CV for you and ensure you are represented in the best possible light. For more information on this contact the team today on 0845 241 0933 or visit our cv writing tips page.

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