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I’m a Newly Qualified solicitor –

How can I make sure I secure the right job for me?

Unfortunately there’s no certain way to secure the role that’s best suited for you, but there are several ways to improve your chances and make the process easier.

Decide what you want:

The first and most important thing is to decide what it is that you actually want – Now that might sound like an obvious statement, but there’s quite a bit to consider:

  • Know your 1st and 2nd choice: The legal market is a cyclical market so there’s no sure way to know how much demand there will be for NQ roles in your preferred discipline. If it’s looking quiet in the area of your 1st choice, don’t completely hold off making applications for your 2nd choice - the longer you leave it the more difficult it becomes to secure a role. You’re not going secure a role that you decided not to apply for after all – get a few irons in the fire.
  • What type and size of firm are you looking for: It’s common for NQs to not always get this bit spot on and sometimes there isn’t a great deal lot of choice, but make sure you have an idea of what environment suits you. The culture might not be absolutely vital at this stage, but if it’s the polar opposite of what you’re looking for, things might prove difficult. For example, if you think you’re better suited to more reasonable hours, then maybe a corporate role at an international firm isn’t quite for you… just yet!

Your CV – The gateway to the right role:

After you know what you’re looking for you can finalise your CV based on your preferences – we have several blogs on CV content, style and structure tips which can be found on our blog page:

Don’t be afraid to submit your CV if the role isn’t quite perfect... You don’t want to completely cover the market for roles that aren’t going to be suitable, but if something seems that it might be of interest don’t be afraid to make the application. You might meet the team, learn more about the work and feel completely at home. We can give you an insight on which opportunities and firms might tick the boxes for you.

Interview preparation:

Before the interview, do you homework. When we represent a candidate we offer bespoke advice and information on this, which includes:

  •  What questions to expect and how to answer them
  • Who and what to research
  • An early insight into the size and structure of the team
  •  Information on the culture of the team and the type of work you can expect

With the above in mind you should now have an idea of what you’re looking for and how to get it, but if you do have any questions about how else to improve things, or you’re just looking for a chat about current/upcoming opportunities, please feel free to call me for a confidential conversation.

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