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I haven't interviewed in ages, how should I prepare?

Interviews can be extremely daunting. This, coupled with the ability to spare the time to attend, can often mean the will and the effort is lost… along with the opportunity.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Working with BCL Legal, you’ll receive all the support you need to guide you through the interview process – from start to finish.

Here are 13 top tips for you to consider when an interview is scheduled and confirmed.

  1. You’ve approached a legal recruitment agency because something ‘isn’t quite right’ in your current role. Keep this in mind when you start to have second thoughts. How will you know if the grass is greener unless you pluck up the courage to explore?
  2. Be prepared. You’ll receive detailed interview confirmation as well as a preparation telephone call. Spend the time to talk to your legal recruiter in advance of the interview. They can help alleviate any concerns you might have, along with any questions. Check the website, read the profiles of the interviewers, re-read the job specification.
  3. Know your CV. Take a copy with you along with a pen and notebook.
  4. Prepare some questions. This will reaffirm your interest in the opportunity.
  5. Arrive early.  Research the best route or do a dummy run if you have to. Allocate yourself time for traffic. Turning up late or even on time will leave you feeling flustered and may impact concentration.
  6. Dress for the job you want and choose your outfit accordingly. First impressions are hugely important.
  7. Treat every person you encounter with respect; reception, security staff.  Their feedback is often considered.
  8. Give a good handshake and make eye contact. Make sure your handshake isn’t too weak or too firm.
  9. Use positive body language. Make sure to demonstrate confidence but not arrogance.
  10. Be considered with your answers. Don’t rush to respond and be truthful and concise. If you don’t have experience in a particular area, be honest. Don’t fake an answer, it will be obvious.
  11. Don’t speak negatively about your current employer. If you’re feeling discouraged, focus on the skills you’ve gained and the lessons you’ve learned.
  12. It’s OK to make social banter when invited but always remember professional etiquette.
  13. Call your recruiter with feedback post-interview. It’s expected we provide your feedback to the interviewer. It also demonstrates you’ve taken the interview seriously.

If you’re considering a move and would like some coaching and guidance as to how to ace an interview, contact the BCL Legal team today.

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