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I've handed in my notice but I don't have another job lined up, what do I do?

Apparently, national '#quitmycrappyjobday' is coming up at the end of this month (31 March). There's certainly a day for everything these days!

Just because a trending hashtag tells people to hand in their notice, I don’t expect to see an influx of CVs in my inbox this weekend, but it has got me thinking.

A number of lawyer candidates come to us having handed in their notice without another job lined up. Seems super risky, but there can be a number of reasons why someone would make this decision, and it's not always on impulse.

Some of the top reasons why lawyer candidates hand in their notice without another job lined up

  1. “My boss recently left so the team's lost direction and my support network's gone”
  2. “Work's drying up”
  3. “Internal personality clashes”
  4. “I've chosen the wrong area of law”
  5. “There are no progression opportunities for me here; there are too many people ahead of me”
  6. “I'm really unhappy where I am, I just had to go”

Traditionally, handing in your notice goes against our belief we've held since we first entered the world of work. What about paying the bills? What about the gap in my CV? Not everybody loves their job. What if I don’t find something else? So many 'what ifs.'

Of course, a decision to hand in your notice without another job lined up shouldn't be taken lightly - it has to be a considered decision. Sometimes, the decision is taken out of our hands. You might face redundancy, you may be 'let go', or, it may be the end of a contract. But if you're consciously thinking about handing in your notice without another job to go to, ask yourself some questions, and make a balanced decision based on those answers.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is this job making me physically or mentally unwell? If so, is it worth compromising my health for?
  • Have I spoken to my boss about my concerns; is there anything else that can be done?
  • Have I spoken to my peers: do they they have any useful advice they could offer me, maybe they've been in the same position before?
  • Do I have any other options (before I hand in my notice)?

If you've considered all possible avenues, and are becoming increasingly closer to handing it in, we're here to tell you that THAT’S OK. It might not be the direction you saw yourself and your career going in, but a small blip in a lifelong career is not the end of the world.

You've reached this decision for a reason and we're here to help you find another job. I've placed people in jobs that have had two weeks out and I've placed people that have had 10 years out. It is possible. You need to manage your expectations and be very clear about your reasons for leaving.

Before taking the plunge, perhaps give us a call. We can advise you on current market states and disciplines. Remember, it's easier to find jobs in some areas than others. We can give you all the facts before you make any big decisions.

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