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If at first you don't succeed try, try again... When looking to make the move in-house!!

A couple of recent examples of lawyers making the move in-house after missing out on earlier recruitment campaigns is the 'inspiration' for this blog!

We often meet lawyers from private practice who are looking for their first in-house move and we know instantly that they will make the move. We meet others that we are unsure will make the move successfully, mainly because they do not have the appropriate 'outlook' or possibly personality to be successful at in-house interviews and therefore a career in-house. (A whole other blog!)

As recruitment consultants we are 'service providers' trying to find the 'perfect match' to our clients’ requirements. More often than not our clients are looking for lawyers with relevant experience gained from another in-house environment or within the commercial team of a law firm. The next tier that we ask them to consider is corporate lawyers.

We recently assisted a corporate lawyer make the move in-house at her 5th attempt! That is 4 times we briefed her on a role, she prepared for interview, had a relatively sleepless night before the interview, took time off work, travelled to interview and again after 2nd interview was told 'sorry, you have come 2nd to a lawyer doing mainstream commercial work'.

Incredibly disheartening and when you have been 'rejected' on more than one occasion it is of course natural to want to give up the in-house search and remain in private practice. For those lawyers that might not have the exact background that clients are seeking but do have both the transferable legal skills as well as personality all we can do is believe in you and know that your time and opportunity will come!

So if your legal recruiter is being honest with you and telling you not to give up chasing the dream move in-house... DON'T!!! You never know... the next opportunity could have your name on it!!

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