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If You Don’t Know The Answer – Please Ask Somebody Who Does!

If You Don’t Know The Answer – Please Ask Somebody Who Does!

Phase one of the new Birmingham New Street station opened its doors to the public the other week and you could quite literally see the look of absolute confusion and panic on hundreds of people’s faces as they struggled to identify the correct station exit to get them to their office! It was either a look of total confusion or of absolute confidence. But the faces of absolute confidence weren’t fooling anybody, in fact, these were the ones who were completely lost but rather than ask somebody the way out, they would rather not ask, look confident (as if they knew exactly where they were going) and try and bluff their way out of the maze (and be late for work as they had to walk an extra mile to their office!).

This struck me as quite similar to how some people approach an interview for a new job. As a legal recruitment consultant, I help secure solicitors interviews for new roles all the time, part of this process entails me giving the person as much help and guidance as possible about how to prepare for the interview. Most of the time people are very open to taking advice from people like me that recruit for a living but sometimes, a person doesn’t want advice because they think they know it all and even if they do have some questions or concerns they would rather appear confident and bluff their way through the interview than ask for help.

In all honesty I much prefer the person who has a look of panic when faced with the prospect of an interview because its people like this that invariably get the job as I have been able to give them direction in how to prepare. So next time you don’t know where you’re going, be honest and ask for help!

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