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In the office all hours? Find a firm that works for you...

Increasingly, forward thinking employers are seeing the benefit in allowing their employees flexible working arrangements. Whether this be part-time hours, job shares, compressed hours, flexi time or remote working. Technological advancement means that we no longer need to be in the office to work, we can essentially work from anywhere in the world whether that be your home office, local coffee shop or a remote island in the Caribbean!

Having recently returned to work following 12 months' maternity leave, my employers here at BCL Legal have afforded me the flexibility to work part of my week from the office and part of my week from home. This has benefitted me in a number of ways including a zero commute time when working from home so more time spent with my family and reduced travel costs. In terms of benefits to my employer, I feel that I'm most productive when working from home and the high degree of trust which is afforded to me means that I'm highly loyal to the business and keen to succeed.

Full time home working wouldn't suit me as I enjoy the social aspect of going into the office, spending time with other adults and having a great team environment where we can bounce ideas off each other. Having a split in my time means that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Essential to successful remote working is communication, my manager is always on hand if I need advice or just a general chat about a particular challenge or to celebrate a success, so even when working from home I still feel very much connected to the business. In addition, self motivation is key so if you struggle in that regard maybe remote working isn't for you.

Sir Richard Branson, always at the forefront of new innovation has a flexible holiday scheme for his personal staff which essentially means they can take as much holiday as they like providing it doesn't negatively impact the business. This may be taking flexible working one step too far for most employers but it demonstrates the trust he holds in his staff and I'm sure their hard work, commitment and loyalty all help to make his businesses a success.

Although perhaps a little behind the Virgin ethos, law firms are increasingly moving towards a more flexible working model, recognising that an approach built on mutual trust and respect will enable them to attract and retain the best solicitors. Here at BCL Legal, we are keen to hear from talented solicitors whatever your circumstances and career aspirations. We will always take the time to fully understand your situation and your goals so that we can tailor your job search to offer up the best opportunities for your lifestyle.

If you would like a confidential discussion about making a career move within the Birmingham market then please contact Angharad Warren at BCL Legal. Angharad specialises in the recruitment of lawyers into Birmingham's leading commercial firms.

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