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Why interview prep can keep you ahead of the competition

So, we’ve sent your CV, it’s been viewed by hiring managers and they want to interview you! It’s all looking very positive and you’re now thinking about the interview process. How are you going to demonstrate to the interviewers that you’re the right choice for them?

A large misconception of the recruitment market is that we “just send CVs”. Whilst there are many agencies that may work in this manner, here at BCL Legal we like to do things differently. Now that we have helped you secure an interview, we want to help you put your best foot forward. When we are briefed on roles (mostly be clients for whom we are preferred suppliers) we do our best to push the boundaries of what they want. We ask questions to work out exactly what they need and want, not just in terms of skills but also culture, mindset and background. We try to find out what the role is going to involve bar the day-to-day requirements that you would usually expect. It’s not enough for us to tell you that the job is great – we try our best to find out why it is great, and what makes it a great fit for you.

Your BCL Legal recruitment consultant is an additional source of knowledge and information for you to utilise before you go in to your interview. When we schedule your interview we also like to pencil in a time for us to give you this information – be it over the phone or in person. In the same way that you would prepare yourself for an interview by looking at the firm’s website and reading any recent articles about the work that the team have been doing, I am beginning to find that the information that we can give you may be the detail that gives you an edge over the competition!

So when we are scheduling your next interview, make sure you’re getting all of the additional information that we can tell you. We know that you know how to conduct yourself in an interview, but we want to make sure that you have the best chance of nailing this interview!

For further details about working closely with a legal recruitment consultant that specialises in your location please contact BCL Legal or email us at for further information. BCL Legal focusses on recruitment within London, primarily on real estate and transportation matters.

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