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Interview preparation

I have previously emphasised the importance of the interview phase of a process in another BCL Blog (have a look!) but it is a topic that has become particularly prominent of late as a number of our clients are running increasingly competitive and focussed processes. In short, preparation for an interview is a fundamental in successfully securing a new position, no matter how many times an individual has interviewed, how confident they are in their ability or how happy they are in their current role (after all, 90% of the lawyers that we assist are ‘happy’ in their current role).

Each individual will prepare for interviews differently and ultimately, we all have our own styles but here are four key tips to think about ahead of your next interview for an in-house legal role:

• Research the company thoroughly

Commercial awareness is a vital quality of an in-house lawyer. Being able to show that you are aware of the current issues that a business may face or how their competitors are operating is likely to highlight that you have not only done your research but you can understand the problems that a business faces and how you can use your skills as a lawyer to support a business.

• Be ready to talk through your CV

This is a fairly standard part of the process if you are looking for a new job. The interviewer needs to understand the experience that you have previously gained, the responsibility that you have been given and the reasons/motivations for your career to date. Think about your experience and how this relates to the position and have examples ready of projects you have worked on that might relate to the role you are going for.

• Be prepared to discuss why you wish to work for a specific company and move in-house

This would seem an obvious step in an interview. However, it is worth mentioning that any answer you provide the interviewer should reflect the positives of working for a particular business and how these factors apply to you in your development rather than focussing on the negatives that you might be looking to move away from in your current role.

• Have questions ready for the interviewer

This is important. This part of an interview offers you a chance to exemplify your interest in the position/company and to demonstrate your aspirations to the interviewer. At this point, asking what the working hours are or how frequently salaries are increased should not be your first thought. However, questions regarding how work is allocated, what your objectives might be for the first year and how the legal team interacts with the business show that you are thinking about how you can add value to the business from day one.

This is a small fragment of the interview advice we at BCL Legal can assist you with. If you find this helpful or you wish to discuss this further, please get in touch.

For more information contact Liam Digan at BCL Legal.

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