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Interview Preparation

So you updated your CV, we’ve had a chat and ascertained what is driving your search and we have identified some options with firms that could provide you that next step in your career. We agree that I, as your recruitment consultant, will approach the firms with your CV, and we secure you an interview! So far, it’s all going swimmingly and you’re looking forward to meeting with the Partners and discussing your experience and suitability for the role.

But hang on, we recruitment consultants keep banging on about interview prep! Surely it’s obvious; you re-read your CV, you have a look at the firm’s website and you think about a couple of competency-based questions that they may throw at you. Realistically, this may get you through an interview process, but we at BCL Legal want to make sure that we are giving you the best chance of getting a positive result post-interview. I have recently assisted a candidate that really impressed me with the time and effort she put in to her interview prep. She used the week prior to the interview to speak with me on a couple of occasions about the role, her background, how we should frame certain strengths (and weaknesses) that may be inferred from her CV and she also spent a lot of time considering the various different competencies that a junior solicitor should demonstrate. Yes, of course, she did review the firm’s website, but she also made sure she knew enough about the Partner’s backgrounds and recent deal history to have an informed conversation with them.

As the candidate said to me before the interview, it may be that the vast majority of her preparation wouldn’t be used, but it made her feel that she was walking in to the meeting feeling as confident as possible. So why am I writing about this? I suppose it comes down to how you want to feel when you walk out of the interview? If you have previously had an interview that didn’t go to plan then it may be worth reconsidering your approach to interview preparation. By working with BCL Legal we make sure that we schedule in as much time as you would like prior to your interview so you feel as comfortable as possible on the big day.

So, a month in to 2018, if you’re still thinking about exploring the jobs market and want to make sure that you’re ahead of the competition do get in touch.

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