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Is it OK to talk about Love Island at a job interview?

So, Amber and Greg have lifted the 2019 Love Island crown. Given the backlash against 'Team Tolly', I suppose I saw it coming, but I was still surprised.

I’m chuffed for Amber though, I think we all doffed our caps when she chose Greg over Michael in an epic demonstration of girl power; not seen since the Spice Girls reunited, well, four months ago. Am I the only one that would love to see the winner turn around and keep the whole £50k to themselves? No? Just me then.

Question: Is it ok to talk about Love Island, or anything similar, at an interview?

I take feedback from each of my candidates after they've been for an interview, and for the first time in my career, one of my candidates was asked about her thoughts on this year's Love Island: “Why did Sherif really leave the villa?”, “Does anyone even remember Joe and Lucy?”

Now, this line of questioning could be one of two things:

  1. a test to see how a candidate responds; or,
  2. just an innocent ‘get to know you’ exercise or an icebreaker. As it turns out this particular candidate was at the final stage, and this was during a ‘meet and greet coffee with the girls’ type meeting. This was around the time Curtis was dumping ‘half-girlfriend’ Amy, so fortunately for her, there was A LOT to talk about.

What if you don’t watch it? Do you join in? Are you going to be the odd one out? In a bid to find common ground, it would be easy enough to steer the conversation another way: “Oh no I haven’t, but have you been watching this (insert ‘not too ‘niche’ Netflix/Sky boxset’ here)?”

The message to take home here is: know your audience.

I think it’s a great icebreaker. Should you be the one to bring it up though? Honest answer? No. There’s never a good time to drop in "OMG did you see what Jordan and Anna were up to in the Hideaway last night?", because quite frankly, you have no idea if the Managing Partner of that Legal 500-listed law firm is as engrossed as you are. However, if they bring it up, feel free to chip in.

The message to take home here is: know your audience. If this kind of topic comes up during an interview, whether it's formal in the boardroom, or more casual down at the pub, just remember, it could be a test. You're always being watched and feedback will be passed on to the hiring manager, so just be careful. But if it's an invitation to join the group and show your social side then go for it. Just keep it PC.

P.S. Did anyone else see Maura’s face when Amber and Greg won? Epic! 

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