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Alex Carpenter
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Is it time for a new legal opportunity? 

It’s the beginning of the New Year and you might be wondering if it’s time for a fresh start - and what better time to look at the market?

We’ve been living with Covid for the past couple of years and whilst saying its caused disruption is an understatement, the legal market has adapted effectively. Zoom meetings and Teams calls look as though they’re here to stay, along with the opportunity for us to work from home.

It’s safe to say that jobs feel secure and as such firms are looking to build their teams and bring in new talent like never before.

So when’s the right time to start looking at opportunities? If you think there’s something missing, or you think there could be a better opportunity elsewhere then it might be time to put your ear to the ground and see what’s out there. The reality is that there’s almost always a next stepping stone regardless of what ticks your boxes – whether that’s development & progression, culture, salary, flexibility etc.

January is a busy month and there will be lots of opportunities appearing over the next few weeks – The good news is salaries are more competitive and firms are more focused on culture and flexibility than ever before.

If you’re curious to see what opportunities are out there and whether any suit you, feel free to call or email me for a confidential chat:


M: 07771544083

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