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Katherine Scarff
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Is property the way forward?

It’s often a difficult choice that many people think of on a daily basis do you stay in your job or do you make the move? Post Brexit there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty especially in the property market some firms put recruitment on hold as they weren’t quite sure of what effect it would have. This in turn might have made some conveyancers decide to stay at their current firm or even dip their toes in to a new area of Law however with the latest land registry statistics it looks like some firms are busier than ever with the likes of My Home Move and Countrywide . This is a positive sign for conveyancers and working in the world of residential property recruitment I have had new opportunities come in on a weekly basis.

It is interesting as at first this uncertainty meant some firms did put things on hold but in the last two weeks alone I have had a number of new opportunities arise all of which are very keen to recruit. If you are a conveyancer and thinking about making a move or perhaps thinking is the property market a good place start your career firms are firms are recruiting and if you have good experience within the field be rest assured you will be snapped up very quickly. It is actually a great time to be looking with the number of first time buyers this year increasing by 12% than in July 2015 therefore conveyancers just keep getting busier.

It is important to remind ourselves what will people always need and have a requirement for, property. It certainly isn’t going anywhere and with an increasing population more and more houses are in demand. If you would like to discuss residential property positions that are available to you, then please contact Katherine Scarff at BCL Legal on 0113 323 4904.

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