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Is working from home actually more productive?

With the world discovering alternative ways to work, the work from home force is getting a facelift.

With the world slowing returning to a ‘new normal’, some businesses are requesting that staff move back to 100% office working, or trying to decide on various hybrid working models. In the process of managing this ongoing change, lots of employers are actively considering if their employees’ productivity is actually higher working from home…

We speak to lots of people daily and I would guestimate that at least 80% are pushing for more home working days moving forward. One of the main factors/concerns that comes up when we speak to candidates about returning to office stems from the fact that a large majority of individuals dislike commuting.

WFH has been a real game changer for a lot of people; a better work life balance, missing the winter commute and being able to spend tea time with children, going to the gym before dinner – the list goes on. All of these benefits can often outweigh the potential loneliness of being isolated at home, away from co-workers and the buzz of the office.

Work-life balance continues to surge on the importance meter for modern-day employees.

As much as lots of firms have had their doubts about how well this new way of working would pan out in the early stages, there have now been many studies published that have provided copious amounts of reassurance to employers.

For example:

The productivity benefits of homeworking appear to have increased during the pandemic, with employers now more likely to say that the shift to homeworking has boosted productivity (33%) than they were in June 2020 (28%).  - CIPD

On balance, many firms are introducing hybrid models in the hope of getting the best of both worlds.

It’s been a crazy, scary, life changing time for many people… If any of the aforementioned topics are raising concerns (as a candidate or an employer), I would encourage you to open up the floor, allow free conversations and encourage an open forum. I think it benefits both parties and can be the difference between an employee becoming an active candidate seeking a new opportunity VS them remaining settled and loyal to their current employer.

Lawyers - speak to your firm, find out how policy might be changing and ensure you have all the right information before considering a move.

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