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It is September and you don’t have an NQ position – what to do next.

It’s September and for many NQ solicitors the reality is, they have not been able to secure a position. This can be for many reasons but generally it comes down to geography and disciplines of law.  I cover the Birmingham, west mids, east mids region recruiting solicitors into law firms.  Birmingham isn’t everyone’s first choice but after meeting people at interview, you might surprise yourself.

Geographically it might be that the roles the candidate wants have not come up in the area in which they are looking.  Now might be the time to consider either looking at alternative disciplines or to consider relocation.

Alternatively it might be that the demand from law firms has been particularly low in a discipline nationally. This could be because of a flat market or because of popularity with internal candidates. If this is the case then the only alternative would seem to be to consider other disciplines.

The BCL Legal website is currently showing over 500 vacancies nationally, for which NQ’s will be considered, so there are roles out there for you.

If considering relocation then obviously think about places where you have links such as family and friends etc. It is also worth considering hobbies and interests outside of work. You can create a link to an area in a multitude of ways. A skiing enthusiast might enjoy living in Tamworth, a war gamer in Nottingham and a rugby fan in Leicester.

Many of our clients are more flexible than candidates immediately assume, there is not necessarily a requirement to have a blood relative living in a location to demonstrate that you can relocate there. If you can demonstrate that you have researched the location and could build a life there, at least in the medium term, then most clients will give that due consideration. A good recruitment consultant will be able to offer advice on how their clients feel about relocations.

If considering looking at other disciplines then think about what you enjoyed in your training. If you enjoyed drafting and contract review then why not look at a landlord and tenant focussed commercial property role? If you enjoyed meeting clients and finding solutions to their problems then why not look at a development focussed commercial property position? If you enjoyed contentious employment work, might you not enjoy a commercial litigation position? If you enjoyed structuring deals in your corporate seat then why not looking at banking and finance positions?

Many of our clients are more flexible than candidates immediately assume, there is not necessarily a requirement to have had a seat in an area if you can demonstrate transferable skills. A good recruiter should be able to advise on which skills will be transferable for their roles that they are working on.

You have spent years training and spent a not insignificant amount of money to secure your status as a qualified solicitor. The majority of consultants at BCL Legal are law graduates or former solicitors; therefore we understand that these are hard decisions to make. Fortunately we are experienced at helping to guide your through these decisions, having helped numerous candidates in the past.

Finally it is worth noting than in our experience candidates generally target jobs in areas of law where they most liked the people they worked with during there seats. We find that people stay longest in jobs where they like the people that they work with – regardless of the area of law. If you are unsure then try to get an interview and go along to meet the people, you might surprise yourself.

For more information please contact BCL Legal or call us on 0845 241 0933.

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